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Sahar Homami is a calligrapher and digital artist based in Berlin.

Born and raised in Tehran, she was trained in Persian calligraphy from a very young age and acquired the Mastery level in Persian calligraphy by the age of 18. She holds a bachelor of fine arts in Computation Arts. From 2009 - 2015 She was the representative of the Iran Calligrapher's Association of North America in Montreal where she was regularly holding workshops and official exams.

Since in Berlin, she has created and exhibited digital and analogue art creations, developing new approaches in modern calligraphy.

She is particularly interested in creating works of art that focus on the intersection of art, mysticism and storytelling. Through this approach she wishes to expand on our collective experience of “being and seeing”.


2016 | Declarations - Collaborative project w Valerio Sangiacomo - Group Exhibition - Are human rights depending on human wrongs- Nordischen Botschaften , Berlin , Germany
2018 | A Delicate Balance - Group Exhibition -  Lacuna Lab x3 - Lacuna Lab, Berlin, Germany


2018 | Live Calligraphy Performance - SimSim, Berlin, Germany 2017 | Live Calligraphy Performance - Tales of Transience  w Gita Hashemi + Or Sarfati - Galerie Jolibazwo, Berlin, Germany


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